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Our service includes an initial consultation to help identify your wants and needs. Sometimes what we want is not necessarily what we need; finding that "sweet spot" between a cookie-cutter solution and the one that makes our clients happy is where ADMINsolutions shines.  

How ADMINsolutions has helped...

Dog Walking/Daycare/Boarding Business 

When we started working with one client, taxes were three years past due, invoicing and collections were nearly non-existent, and business and personal finances were inextricably intertwined. Now, the business is a separate entity, the company is billing and collecting timely, and taxes are prepared on time. Work has moved from scattered post-its to the PC. Most importantly, the Owner is not working 60+ hour weeks.

General Contractor 

The old-school mentality of "As long as I make more than I spend, I'm doing good" is a common one among contractors and subcontractors, particularly in the construction industry. Many Owner-operators know how to get the job done for their customers in the field, but once they are in the office, the eyes glaze over and computers are viewed via sidelong glances. Even for those sufficiently tech-savvy, the office work is a necessary evil to be perfomed so one can get back out in the field. 

ADMINsolutions specializes in construction administration, and has navigated the MBE/WBE/SBE certification/reporting processes. We have taught how to understand and use AIA Contracts and Changes, waivers and standard GAAP principles to protect one's business and keep the payments rolling in.

VC/Private Investor

One North Shore client, a private equity investor simply needed administrative assistance with the day-to-day drudgery - personal and private - to free up time to focus on his income-generating activities. ADMINsolutions was able to backfill those undesirable, but critical tasks, ensuring the lights stayed on, the house staff was paid regularly and legally, and the EOBs were reconciled to the doctor bills. Perhaps not what we usually think of as "business" tasks, but our mission is helping you to carry out YOURS.

With roots in Accounting & Finance and steeped in Business Administration, ADMINsolutions has many tools to help do, teach, or manage for YOUR business, too! Recommendations and contact information available upon request from satisfied colleagues & clients. 

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Our mission: to help our clients succeed and thrive in their respective businesses.

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